Facebook: Changing your privacy settings

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In our last episode, we learned what the privacy settings on Facebook mean. But as a quick reminder, we can let everyone on Facebook see our information, only our friends, or even just specific people through customization. Today we’re going to actually look at what information we have, and how to change who sees it. You may be amazed at what you’re sharing right now!

Let’s go online and log into a Facebook account. In the upper-right hand corner, click on “Account,” then select “Privacy Settings.” Here you have control over your basic default privacy settings. That means every time you post something, whether it’s a picture or a status, these audiences will be able to see.

You should see three options on your screen: Public, Friends, and Custom. As a general rule, if you click “Public,” and apply those settings, everyone on Facebook will have access to everything you’ve posted publicly. If you click “Friends,” only people you’ve confirmed as friends will have access to your content. And lastly, we have the option to customize.

We recommend using the “Friends” option, so that those people you have confirmed friendships with can see your information.

Underneath those three options are more specific items you can control. Want to keep strangers from posting on your wall? Select “edit settings” for “How you connect” and make sure that Friends is selected for those people allowed to post on your wall. Explore each of the options to see the various choices you have. You can see that Facebook has given you a ton of options to control who, when, and where you connect with.

Facebook privacy settings can be tricky to navigate. Just remember: customize your settings whenever possible. That way you have the most control over your information. And check your privacy settings every few months, as Facebook often updates its privacy options.


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